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American Night

2h 3m Action, Crime, Mystery 2018

A neo-noir action thriller set in the New York City contemporary art world where two men share the same passion for art: John Kaplan, a shady art dealer, and Michael Rubino, a New York mobster and artist manqué. Andy Warhol’s Pink Marilyn – a painting worth a fortune – sets in motion a chain of unexpected events and upends their lives. No one else in the art world can spot a fake like John Kaplan. Now he seems to have everything; he’s even opened a gallery of his own. But then there is an explosion in the gallery and his girlfriend Sarah breaks up with him. John suddenly has lost everything. He meets Katie, an innocent-looking girl-next-door type, who seduces John and confuses him even more. When his step-brother Vincent turns up with the authentic Pink Marilyn, a masterpiece that has long been missing, it feels like the solution to all his financial and personal problems, even if they have no idea who stole the painting and how it ended up in their hands. That’s when Michael Rubino enters John’s life and kidnaps Sarah, offering her release in exchange for the Pink Marilyn. All John’s plans seem to backfire: John has to figure out how to rescue the two loves of his life: Sarah and art in the guise of the long-lost Pink Marilyn.



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