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Australian Gangster

2h 48m Drama 2018

A new breed of criminal cruising the streets of Sydney. PASQUALE ‘PAS’ BARBARO (Alexander Bertrand) is released from jail, but not before making an enemy of fellow inmate and Brothers For Life member, LITTLE CRAZY (Rahel Romahn). A newly freed Barbaro is not concerned about playing it safe, or hiding in the shadows, being emblematic of the type of modern gangster that really only cares about looking good on Instagram.

Growing up in a family of organized crime, Barbaro never really had a shot at anything resembling a normal life. But with the very real threat of a hefty prison sentence looming, Barbaro wants to try and clean his cash once and for all and make his future millions in the construction industry. Friend LES ELIAS (Salvatore Coco) suggests Barbaro put his money into the crane business, however to do this Barbaro will need other partners. He enlists acquaintances, newly appointed Brothers for Life leader FARHAD ‘THE AFGHAN’ QUAMI (Michael Vice) and his brother MUMTAZ QUAMI (George Xanthis). But a fateful decision by the new crew is where the plans all start to unravel. His criminal empire begins to crumble around him and so too does his marriage. His list of enemies lengthens by the day and that’s not to mention the many cops he’s been informing to. Leaving few left towhom he can turn.

Australian Gangster is a punchy, funny and violent adrenaline-ride through Sydney’s decadently gorgeous but completely inane world of crime.


Fadia Abboud


Gregor Jordan



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