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1h 48m Action, Drama 2020

Exactly what happened to Talib Ben Hassi’s (19) while in police custody no one knows – not even the police officers who arrested him. The case is a great embarrassment to the Danish police.

The city is at boiling point and the pressured top brass needs every man out on the streets to maintain public order. Police officer Jens Høyer and his colleague Mike Andersen therefore find themselves – much against their will – paired together. Both are capable, experienced officers, but both are deeply distrustful of each other. Mike belongs to the hard core of police officers notorious for their brutality. He suspects Jens of ratting on the colleagues who arrested Ben Hassi. Jens is anxious to avoid confrontation, but he hates himself for turning a blind eye to the abuse of power he has witnessed within the department. Meanwhile, Svalegården – the gigantic social housing project which is home to Talib Ben Hassi – is seething with hatred. At morning roll call, the police officers are told to stay well away from the area, as their presence may simply aggravate the already volatile situation. Despite Jens’ protests, Mike decides to ignore orders from the top and drives to Svalegården. By the time Mike arrests Amos – another youth from the housing project whose only crime is being in the wrong place at the wrong time – the mood at Svalegården has reached boiling point. At that same moment, news of Talib Ben Hassi’s death is heard over the police radio… The media catch wind of the story, as do the angry young men of Svalegården – and this time, they decide to take matters into their own hands. Mike, Jens and Amos are now hunted prey and forced to rely on and trust each other if they are to make it out of Svalegården alive.


Anders Ølholm


Frederik Hviid


Danish, Arabic







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