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Fat Pizza

1h 36m Comedy, Action, Adventure 2003

The film is set around twenty-four hours at the “Fat Pizza Pizzeria”. Bobo the pizza chef is getting married to his mail-order bride, who sneaks into the country as a refugee. Pauly Falzoni, Bobo’s most experienced delivery boy has started a war with the Ronnie Macdoggle hamburger chain. Sleek the Lebanese rapper who also delivers pizzas is being stalked by a gang of fat chicks and a new guy by the name of Davo Dinkum has his first day amidst the chaos of the Fat Pizza shop. FAT PIZZA is a hilarious comedy that is all about how the pizza guys handle fast cars, fast chicks and fast food. FAT PIZZA is a fully automatic, fully sik, politically incorrect comedy.


Paul Fenech






Roadshow Films

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