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Fortress 2: Sniper's Eye

1h 37m Action & Adventure 2022

Danger and revenge return in the gripping sequel FORTRESS: SNIPER’S EYE. It’s been a month since internet CEO Paul Michaels (Jesse Metcalfe) and his father, former CIA operative Robert Michaels (Bruce Willis) fought off an assault at the Forge Mt. Retreat by the memorably sociopathic mercenary Balzary (Chad Michael Murray). After Robert is wounded saving Balzary’s wife Sasha (Natali Yura) from Russian terrorists, Paul — along with Forge Mt. director Kate Taylor (Kelly Grayson) and security office Ken Blain (Michael Sirow) — works to get the secret emergency shelter called “the Fortress” back on line. As Paul and Kate adjust to life as a couple, Kate’s mom Carole and little sister Zoe fly in for a visit. But they’re not the only unexpected arrivals: Balzary survived his final fight with Robert — and is coming for revenge. With his old nemesis bent on vengeance and accompanied by his right-hand man Ulysses, Robert must find his strength to join his son and their battle-weary team, who suddenly find themselves on edge, at war, and in the middle of FORTRESS: SNIPER’S EYE.


Josh Sternfeld



Closed Captions [CC]

English [cc]


United States



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