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Green Rush

1h 24m Thriller 2019

EARN CINEBUZZ REWARDS THE MORE YOU WATCH! This chilling, white-knuckle thriller inspired by actual events unfolds in the wilds of California, now a lawless free-for-all thanks to legalized cannabis. Rob, his pregnant lover Maria, and his brother Caleb are struggling to make a profit from their marijuana farm. But soon, an angry worker turns against them and joins forces with sadistic criminal Ticker to steal the farm’s hidden supply of cash. When the three are held hostage and forced to submit to Ticker’s cruel games, their survival will take courage, smarts—and blood.


Alexius Zellner (Andrew Swift) , Kriss Dozal (Maria) , Mike Foy (Rob Hayes) , Misha Crosby (Jacob Adder) , Paul Telfer (Ticker)


Gerard Roxburgh



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