Never Stop

  • Drama, Sport
  • 1h 37m

Tianyi Wu, a young 100-meter-running champion, returns to his hometown, aiming to get off his chest the failure of surpassing former long-time champion, Chaoyue Hao. But he doesn’t expect to see that Chaoyue has given up on himself and abandoned his running career. Chaoyue even tries to profit from Tianyi’s running skills. The two running mates’ competition extends from their memories into their current life. After misunderstandings and conflicts, they eventually reach mutual forgiveness and mend each other’s heart… 百米冠军吴添翼为解开无法战胜老飞人郝超越的心结而返乡,不料郝超越早已沉沦,逃避最爱的跑步事业,更处心积虑利用吴添翼谋利。师兄弟二人的较量从回忆中的跑道延伸进现实生活,历经误会和冲突,最终冰释前嫌并互相治愈······


Han Bo-Wen


Mandarin Chinese

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