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Night Train to Lisbon

1h 51m Mystery, Romance, Thriller 2013

Academy award winning director Bille August brings Pierre Merciers bestselling novel NIGHT TRAIN TO LISBON to the screen,featuring an outstanding cast including Jeremy Irons,Melanie Laurent,Jack Huston,Tom Courtenay,Lena Olin,with Christopher Lee and Charlotte Rampling.High school Latin teacher Raimund Gregorius(Jeremy Irons)finds his life transformed when he saves a young Portuguese woman from jumping to her death.After the woman disappears,she leaves behind her coat,and with it,an enigmatic book containing a train ticket.Gregorius spontaneously decides to take an adventurous journey to Lisbon,where he will uncover a mystery,encounters love,and rediscover life itself.


Bille August


English, Portuguese


Switzerland, Germany, Portugal


Pinnacle Films

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