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The Craic

1h 29m Comedy, Biography 1999

Fergus and his best friend Wesley are living in Belfast when they incur the wrath of a violent IRA leader, Colin. Since Ireland no longer seems like a safe place to stay, the boys hit the road and end up in Sydney, where they manage to find work despite the fact they’re illegal aliens. Fergus gets a chance to appear on Australian TV’s answer to “The Dating Game” and wins a vacation in Queensland with a pretty but half-bright beautician, Margo. While Fergus is enjoying his holiday (if not Margo’s company), immigration authorities raid the house where Wesley, Fergus and several other illegal’s have been staying. Wesley takes it on the lam and tracks down Fergus in Queensland, just in time for Colin to show up, who is in Australia as part of a witness protection program. Fergus and Wesley are still angry at Colin, and vice versa, and so a mad chase ensues as Fergus and Wesley head for the outback with immigration agents, secret service men and IRA renegades hot on their trail.


Ted Emery






Roadshow Films

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