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The Endangered Generation?

1h 25m Documentary 2022

This film challenges the myth that our world is fundamentally driven by selfishness and competition – a story that for centuries has shaped our understanding of humankind and nature. Instead, we take the audience on an unabashedly positive and hopeful journey to reconnect with our environment and with each other - revealing a neglected side of human nature, and the potential of the diversity and deep connections that already exist in our world, hidden just beyond our view. Supported by narration from Laura Dern, our primary guides are U.S. biologist Tamsin Barker and Panamanian/Guna indigenous leader Agar Tej a dar. Tamsin treks into the jungle of Central Panama, hoping to discover novel survival strategies used by organisms there that can be applied to business and engineering in the US. She is led by Agar, who is making her way back to her ancestral jungle village with a mission to save it from environmental disaster. As they venture deep into the jungle they are greeted by a magical world of interconnected and collaborating species that delight Tamsin. However, as Agar reveals the knowledge of her people, passed down through generations, lessons of biology give way to a deeper understanding of our physical, psychological and spiritual connection to our world.


Celeste Geer



Closed Captions [CC]





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