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The Whistleblower

2h 14m Action, Drama, Mystery 2018

EARN CINEBUZZ REWARDS THE MORE YOU WATCH! An earthquake of 6.6 magnitude strikes Malawi in southeast Africa with disastrous impact. Eco Energy Technology, an Australian energy conglomerate with business in the region, sends its rescue team and relief supplies for emergency response and disaster recovery. Meanwhile, in Australia, a party is being held by Eco Energy to celebrate the collaboration with Chinese company Han Coal Groupon a clean energy plan. There, Chinese expatriate Mark (Lei Jiayin), who will soon be relocated to oversee business in Africa, runs into his former lover Wen (Tang Wei). Racing against time to peel off layers of lies, they gradually discover a link between the clean energy plan and the catastrophe in Malawi. What was seemingly a force majeure is in fact a conspiracy to cover up something much more sinister than they could ever comprehend.


Ce Wang (Peter) , Jiayin Lei (Mark) , John Batchelor (Harrison) , Wei Tang (Zhou Siliang) , Xi Qi (Judy)


Xue Xiaolu




Hong Kong

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