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Trust (2021)

1h 34m Drama, Romance, Thriller 2020

Fun, sexy and suspenseful, TRUST is a romantic puzzle taken in new emotionally thrilling directions. Based on the award winning play PUSH by Kristen Lazarian, set in the art world of New York City, married couple Brooke (Victoria Justice) and Owen (Matthew Daddario) want it all, to start a family and launch Brooke’s own gallery. Insecurities arise with the arrival of her artist Ansgar, (Lucien Laviscount) a devastatingly attractive painter from Dublin, who’s inspirations for provocative nudes all come from experience. Brooke’s opportunity to sell some of Ansgar’s paintings in Paris just days before the Manhattan gallery opening leads to a potentially romantic trip away for Ansgar and Brooke.. As Owen sulks in a NY bar, alluring journalism graduate student, Amy, (Katherine McNamara) recognizes him and the dominoes are set to tumble with just a little push. “It’s a rollercoaster where sexy romance, drama and mystery converge” says DeCubellis. “In other words, a perfect date night movie.”


Brian DeCubellis



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