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All Fun and Games

1h 16m Horror, Thriller 2023

All Fun And Games follows a group of young siblings as they start to uncover the secrets of a demonic presence. Jo, the youngest sibling, is the first who’s drawn to the mysterious knife (the demon’s weapon). When his older siblings, Billie and Marcus, are invited to a party that Jo is not old enough to attend, he persuades them to play the demon game once before they go. Believing it to be “all fun and games,” the group decides to recite the chant to summon the demon, but Marcus ends up getting possessed, forcing the three siblings into the game. The rule is if you lose the demon’s games, you die, at least according to the legend. With the help of their friends, Jo and Sophie attempt to bring the demon out of Marcus before it is too late. At its heart, All Fun And Games explores family trauma and the strength in coming together as a family.

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Ari Costa


Eren Celeboglu



Closed Captions [CC]



United States



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