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Alone Together

1h 41m Drama, Romance 2022

Set in the present day, ALONE TOGETHER is a contained quarantine love story that follows JUNE, an uptight woman in her thirties living in NYC. Our story picks up when the pandemic hits and June flees the city to meet her boyfriend of a year, JOHN, at an Airbnb he booked in The Hudson Valley. When June arrives, she is surprised to find CHARLIE, a man in his thirties, who accidentally rented the same place with similar plans to escape the city at the start of the pandemic. Our story takes a turn when John decides he must stay behind in the city and tend to his parents, leaving June alone at the Airbnb with Charlie. Feeling alone and abandoned, June turns to Charlie for comfort and forms an unexpected friendship. The story follows their evolving relationship as they are forced to adapt to the all too familiar struggles of the current pandemic, and ultimately fall in love while in quarantine. When John pays an unexpected visit to the Airbnb, June is faced with a difficult decision as she finds herself torn between two men .


Katie Holmes



Closed Captions [CC]

English [cc]


United States



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