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Baby God

1h 18m Documentary 2020

Once hailed as a miracle worker, Dr. Quincy Fortier’s secret is now out. Formerly a renowned Nevada fertility specialist, he has become best known for deceiving countless women struggling to conceive by using his own sperm–without their knowledge or consent–to impregnate them. Featuring intimate and revealing interviews with many of Fortier’s children, the film takes a close, nuanced look at the lasting effects that Fortier’s misdeeds have had–and will continue to have–on the women he victimized, as well as their children and generations to come. The result is a stunning expose of the egregious, once undetectable truths about Fortier’s medical practice, as well as his alleged sexual abuse of family members.


Hannah Olson



Closed Captions [CC]

English [cc]


United States



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