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Dear Elizabeth

1h 29m Comedy 2022

After being named co-chair of his college reunion, Sid Straw’s life begins to fall apart when he opens a Facebook account and reaches out to former classmates, including celebrity actress Elizabeth Banks. Despite his best intentions, Sid’s relationships and career are thwarted by his tendency to try too hard, say too much and his need to convince people he knew the actress before she was famous. When Sid’s confessional posts on Elizabeth Banks fan page go viral and her agent takes out a restraining order against him, Sid enlists an inexperienced but eager lawyer to defend him and get him to the reuinion. Forced to look in the mirror, Sid refocuses his “try too hard” tendencies and seeks out genuine, real life connections while rediscovering the best version of himself that he had lost along the way.



Closed Captions [CC]

English [cc]


United States



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