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1h 39m Action 2021

Lives hang in the balance when vengeance, greed, and innovation collide in the of-the-moment action thriller FORTRESS. When internet CEO Paul Michaels (JESSE METCALFE, Hard Kill, TV’s Dallas and Desperate Housewives) needs multimillions to keep his company afloat, he heads to a retirement retreat in the forest to get help from his estranged father, Robert Michaels (action film icon BRUCE WILLIS). Unknown to them, criminal mercenaries have infiltrated the compound. Along with Kate (KELLY GRAYSON, Out of Death) and Gen. Dobbs (SHANNEN DOHERTY, Beverly Hills 90210, Charmed), Paul and Robert head to a secret emergency shelter called “the Fortress.” There, Paul learns his father was secretly in the CIA and that the retreat is a covert safe haven for former operatives. As danger threatens to tear down the walls of safety — and as the power-hungry thief Balzary (CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY, Survive the Night, Killing Field, TV’s One Tree Hill, Riverdale) takes his old nemesis Robert hostage — nothing is off-limits in a world gambling on cryptocurrency, in a standoff that turns savage, and in a decades-old facility that becomes a modern-day FORTRESS.



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