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1h 48m Action, Adventure, Comedy 2022

MASON PETTITS leaves law school with one year left to start his career in the military. After intensive training, a mission in Paldonia, South America goes awry, and half of his team is hit by an RPG that struck their helicopter while trying to assassinate the country’s president, JUAN ARTURO VENEGAS.

Deeply impacted by this experience, Mason goes back to his family life with his family and tries to get it together in a mediocre law office. When his old army pal SEBASTIAN visits, Mason is presented with a challenging dilemma. Mason’s new mission is to travel to Paldonia to protect journalist, CLAIRE WELLINGTON, who is interviewing none other than President Juan Arturo Venegas.

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Pierre Morel



Closed Captions [CC]



United States



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