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Ju-on: The Grudge

1h 32m Drama, Horror 2002

When Nishina Rika (Megumi Okina), a volunteer home care worker, steps inside the house of a bed-ridden patient, she happens upon a bizarre ghostly presence behind a door that had been sealed shut with duct tape. Inadvertently, Nishina releases a mysterious evil force, and soon learns that a series of people who have entered the house went permanently missing shortly afterward. Eventually, Nishina’s investigation leads to the strange story of Izumi Toyama (Misa Uehara), a former detective who handled the case of a man who had murdered his wife in the infamous house. In addition to fearing that she may be the house’s next victim, Nishina is worried that the spirit is determined to leave its confines and murder Izumi.


Megumi Okina (Rika Nishina) , Misaki Itô (Hitomi Tokunaga) , Misa Uehara (Izumi Tôyama)


Takashi Shimizu





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