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Little Eggs: An African Rescue

1h 29m Comedy, Adventure, Animation 2022

Toto, head rooster on a small farm, struggles to come to terms with parenting his two newly laid Little Eggs, Uly and Max, whose unruly behaviour has him pulling out his feathers. But this is only the beginning of Toto’s troubles. Because his Little Eggs are golden in colour they have caught the attention of The Duchess, a Russian egg collecting villain. She raids the farm to steal Uly and Max and ships them to Africa to become the main course at a secret dinner for the world’s billionaires, who are willing to pay thousands of dollars for exotic dishes. Toto and his friends must find a way to travel to Africa and rescue their Little Eggs while avoiding hungry crocodiles, a trio of clueless hippos, a bunch of crazy monkeys and even the king of the jungle himself. This is a story about the courage of parents who overcome all obstacles to cross the entire world to rescue their children.

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