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Mercy Road

1h 25m Thriller 2022

Set almost entirely in a moving vehicle, MERCY ROAD is an unrelentingly tense psychological thriller in real time: A man covered in blood leaps into his work truck and races against the clock to save his daughter. Who is he? What are his sins? Where is he going and what will he find when he gets there? These are riddles of the taut, spartan plot. They are also the existential questions put to the driver, TOM, by a mysterious caller on the phone, THE ASSOCIATE, a psychopath who kidnapped his daughter from the man Tom just beat to death. The ransom demanded by the Associate isn’t merely an object of value, it’s piece of Tom’s soul, and maybe even his life. MERCY ROAD is ultimately a journey to redemption - about a flawed everyman and how far he’s prepared to go to save his child.

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John Curran



Closed Captions [CC]






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