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Paradise City

1h 32m Action, Adventure, Thriller 2022

Ryan Swann (Blake Jenner), a bounty-hunter one bad-day away from being behind bars, learns his father, the legendarily righteous L.E.O. Ian Swann (Bruce Willis), has been killed while chasing a bounty in Maui. Ryan flies to the island only to find the body has been desecrated. With more questions than answers, Ryan seeks out his father’s former partner, Robbie Cole (Stephen Dorff), Hawaii P.D. Officer Savannah (Praya Lundberg). Together they realize that a local entrepreneur and shadow-politician, Arlo “Buck” Buckley (John Travolta), is a fugitive drug-baron who has been on the run for fifteen years. After Robbie is captured, Ryan and Savannah are left with the choice to expose Buck for who he is and risk Robbie being killed, or to work with the local criminal underworld to overthrow Buck and save the Hawaiian islands from descending into anarchy.


Chuck Russell



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United States



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