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Rogue Hostage

1h 33m Action & Adventure, Thriller 2020

Rogue Hostage is an action thriller that takes place in the present-day rural Northeastern United States. The story follows Child Protective Services officer Kyle Snowden (Tyrese Gibson) and a group of desperate individuals trapped inside a store during a hostile take-over by militant maniac Eagan Raize (Chris Backus) and his trio of followers. The hostages fighting for survival includes Congressman and store owner Sam Nelson (John Malkovich), the strong female store manager Sunshine (Luna Lauren Vélez), her lesbian partner and employee Rainey, crafty teenage kleptomaniac Mikki, and the brave CPS officer Kyle Snowden who is tasked with caring for a young Mexican immigrant named Manny. Over the course of the action, disturbing details are revealed about Eagan’s personal motives and violent vendetta aimed at the CPS officer’s stepfather Sam. As internals tensions rise and the looming threat of death and destruction escalates, our heroes battle against the terrorists to escape oppression, corruption and death. In the end, evil is defeated, justice is served, friendships are cemented, and new hope for a troubled landscape is discovered.


Jon Keeyes



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