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The Corrupted

1h 43m Drama 2017

EARN CINEBUZZ REWARDS THE MORE YOU WATCH! Beneath the blinding lights and towering sights of the newly-built East London skyline, lies a dark, dangerous web of corruption. Stratford was home to the Olympic Games; decorated in the notion of legacy. But there’s little hope to be found for the recently released Liam McDonagh (Sam Claflin); a talented boxer put away for armed robbery, who wants nothing more than a peaceful life and to reconnect with his young son Archie. But his brother Sean (Joe Claflin) is in deep, caught up in property developer Clifford Cullen’s (Timothy Spall) violent, unforgiving circle, with no route out. Liam knows he must risk everything to save his brother before it’s too late, but first, he needs to know who he can trust – which is a harder proposition than it sounds.


Sam Claflin (Liam McDonagh) , Timothy Spall (Clifford Cullen) , Hugh Bonneville (Anthony Hammond)


Ron Scalpello





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