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The Happy Camper

1h 29m Comedy, Romance 2022

After breaking off a bad relationship and a ho-hum city job, DILLON returns home for the summer to assist her charming GRANDPA and MARGOT, her eccentric hippie-Mom, with his small farm, and ends up doing a makeover and living in Grandpa’s broken-down vintage travel camper trailer, and meeting JORDAN, handsome owner of the local hardware store and an afficionado of travel trailer culture. And together, Dillon and Jordan turn her rusted-out hovel on wheels into an award-winning diamond entry in the annual Summer Vintage Camper Trailer Festival and beating out all the cut-throat competitive camper collectors from all over America in the process – not to mention their exes who are suddenly back in the picture. And of course, spit-shine auto-wax and true love win out in the end.


Brandon Clark



Closed Captions [CC]



United States



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