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The Minute You Wake Up Dead

1h 33m Thriller 2021

Russ Potter, an investment broker in a southern mountain town, receives threatening phone calls from an anonymous caller after a proposed merger goes south and dozens of people lose tens of thousands of dollars, The male caller asks, “Where will you be the minute you wake up dead? You’re about to find out.” Russ Lives next door to an elderly man, Carl Moore, and the man’s waitress daughter, Delaine, with whom Russ is more than a little friendly. Over dinner, he tells Carl and Delaine about the phone calls, and they urge him to call the police. But he refuses. It’s just someone trying to rattle him, he says. But soon Carl is brutally murdered in his sleep, and Russ believes it’s a case of wrong house, wrong victim since their houses are actually almost identical, and he convinces Sheriff Thurmond Fowler to investigate that possibility.

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Michael Mailer



Closed Captions [CC]

English [cc]


United States



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