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The Way You Look Tonight

1h 25m Romance, Fantasy 2018

Peter is approaching 30 and still trying to navigate modern online dating culture. After a whimsical, romantic evening with a mysterious woman named Ellie, he thinks he’s found someone special. But he wakes up the next morning alone. Confused and dejected, Peter tries to put the night behind him. With the help of his little sister Mia and roommate Jackson, Peter creates a dating profile on Alrighty Aphrodite, an old but mythically effective dating site guaranteed to find his perfect match. But as Peter makes matches on the site, he still can’t shake the memory of Ellie. This is made even harder as he Peter notices strange similarities between each woman and that first amazing date. As he learns the truth about their connection, he’ll discover a whole new world of people and experiences that will make him question the nature of identity, attraction, and love


John Cerrito




United States


Pinnacle Films

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